MDE Systems has expertise in all gears of software development, including how, when and where to use each gear, how they are used together most effectively, how they are used to create platform infrastructure software, and how they are used to create domain specific power tools, all with the result of accelerating your company's software development to increased levels of productivity, quality and longevity.

Model Driven Engineering (MDE)

MDE Systems has extensive expertise in applying Model Driven Engineering (MDE) technologies to create powerful Domain Specific Languages (DSL) and Domain Specific Modeling (DSM) tools. These tools greatly aid development teams in tackling the complexity ceiling and compressed schedules so many teams face when developing todays new and next generation systems. MDE Systems has worked with many teams in many varying complex domain to create powerful new languages and tools for their domains. Members of MDE Systems' staff are internationally recognized experts in this field and speak regularly throughout the world at international software conferences. More on modeling.

Software Defined Radio (SDR)

MDE Systems has been developing and has helped other teams create Software Defined Radio (SDR) solutions and technologies since the 1990's. SDR systems are some of the most complex software systems in the world. They constitute a unique combination of distributed, real-time, embedded, secure, dynamic, portable, networked, and heterogeneous software concerns like no other software system. As such it requires a unique set of skills, tools and technologies to tackle these systems successfully.

Distributed Real-time Embedded (DRE)

MDE Systems has been working with Distributed Real-time and Embedded (DRE) systems for decades and has expertise in all phases of product development from the design of hardware, to the device drivers, to the middleware, to the application software. DRE systems have a very unique and complex set of challenges associated with them and require specialized and tailored software development approaches and technologies.

Software Product Lines (SPL)

MDE Systems has been implementing Software Product Lines (SPL) and Product Line Architectures (PLA) for complex software systems for many years. It has expertise in establishing families of systems and isolating the commonalities and variabilities, the abstractions and refinements, and the proper way to roll these out in large or small organizations so that software products can be rolled out robustly and efficiently.

Agile Software Development (ASD)

MDE Systems has been spearheading Agile Software Development (ASD) solutions in both large and small companies for over 10 years. It has been targeting and tailoring these Agile methods for companies targeting complex distributed real-time and embedded systems. These types of systems traditionally have not adopted new methodologies but have discovered recently that precise and tailored application of these methodologies mean the difference between success and failure.